My 50 List (Before I Die)

Last Updated 11/02/2018

My friend Becki who is also challenged with Marfan Syndrome told me about her '50 list' while we both were volunteering November  2015 for the Tommy Tant Classic Surfing Event to benefit The Marfan Foundation.

Becki says that her '50 List' is a list of the top 50 things she'd like to do.  She crosses each accomplishment off the list once she has completed the event and adds another event, never depleting the list but always visioning her future.

I may not live to finish the first item, but I am convinced that putting my inspirations into words is a small step in the right direction towards fulfilling these aspirations.

Doing a bucket list has been a priority of mine for a while, but obviously a low priority.  Well, that has now changed.  So I am inspired today to start Kevin's 50 list.  Here it is:

#     -   Life Event                                                          Location                      Completed                 

  1. Enjoy each day!
  2. Make some cool art and chill!
  3. Stay alive and work on my health - keep aorta from popping open.
  4. See Jincy and Ruairi graduate from high school - Jincy has graduated now and Ruairi will be graduating in two months.  Jincy is in college and Ruairi has been accepted to college for summer 2016 start. - 2/22/17 Update - Jincy and Ruairi both in college!  Yaaaay!  Update: Both working in their careers and self supporting now!
  5. Walk Jincy down the aisle in her wedding (may not happen for a while - she is focused on her career)
  6. Judy and I be good grandparents to all her children's kids - our grandkids - and to the kids of Jincy and Ruairi if they ever have any - 2/22/17  Sesha's boy Tristan loves his Nana and Papa!  He is a handful but fun to hang out with.
  7. Hike all 770 miles of the Florida Trail from Everglades to Alabama
    1. - 2/22/17 - still dreaming of this
  8. Kayak circumnavigate the State of Florida
    1. 2/22/17 - still dreaming of this
  9. Reach fitness goal of 30-32" waist & 170-175 pounds
    1. working on it - see my Diet Page:
    2. 2/22/17 update - made it!  waist is 28" now and weight of 150 for BMI of 18.7 - nice work Kev!!!
  10. Bike from Fort Myers to Alligator Alley to West coast of Florida north to Pensacola then kayak around Florida from Pensacola back to Palm Coast or to Jacksonville. 2/22/17 - still dreaming of this
  11. Live aboard a 30'-36' sailboat on the intracoastal - 2/22/17 - not so sure of this anymore - maybe, maybe not - but we can change our minds!
  12. Finish Cuban Cookbook and publish - 2/22/17 - still dreaming of this
  13. Finish Isle of Dove novel and publish - 2/22/17 - still dreaming of this
  14. Write a DIY Small Green Roofs book and publish -2/22/17 - actively writing
  15. Complete the Marfan novel about MonAg - hmmmm 2/22/17 - still considering this
  16. Finish Cuban history book - 2/22/17 - possibility
  17. Do exhibit with Perry Walker - Perry died - but an exhibit is still a possibility!
  18. Do a book of Florida nature photography-haiga/haiku from a Floridian's perspective - 2/22/17 -  almost completed!
  19. Have all my paperwork ready for dying so my passing will be easier on Judy or the kids. - 2/22/17 - completed!  Updates ongoing
  20. Reach my project 100 goal for life simplification. - 2/22/17 his one is hard but still working on it
  21. Organize all photos and paperwork in the cloud, keep websites and blogs up to date - current 2/22/17 - completed!
  22. Work on my Spanish to a working level of fluency -still in progress
  23. Learn another language - maybe French or German
  24. Hike through the redwoods
  25. See salmon running rivers, jumping and spawning
  26. Tour green roofs across America/Canada and do a documentary
  27. Successfully design and document an ocean front green roof - check! Completed - Bermuda KEH Roof
  28. Play two musical instruments well - uke, keyboard and conga/bongos
  29. Visit every State Park in Florida! - 2/22/17 ongoing!

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