My Project 100 - Simplification Goal

Updated: 02/22/2017

02/22/2017 - OMG I've started accumulating once again - will refocus on my junk and update soon.  My how hoarding is so creeper...

06/05/2016 - Living in a townhouse has truly allowed me to simplify even further.  Though we have a large fenced nation with a lot of gardening space, our yard tool inventory has dropped dramatically and I no longer need a lawnmower or other gasoline powered tools.  Ruairi has left for the university this weekend so I went to World Market and bought a small bowl and cup for my eating needs.  We shall see if all those dishes in the sink decrease in number.   Still shooting for 100 items in my possession total.

03/18/2016 - Still whittling away at reducing my possessions.  We've moved into a condo in Fort Myers, Florida and although it is still somewhat large, the lilting space is less than our previous house.  Therefore we are 'forced' to rethink how  much 'stuff' we really need.  Still shooting for 100.

10/21/2014  Received our family photos back from the scanning service - and began to organize on the our private website.  I highly recommend this service. Still working with other personal belongings to pare down quantity.  Goal is still 100 items.

09/26/2014  Over came the hurdle of keeping too many shirts, shoes and clothes.  Donated ten shirts I really liked but never wore to Goodwill.  Still focusing daily on minimizing.  Subscribed to a photo scanning service - which is helping my organize boxes of loose photos, scan them, put them on cloud so family can access.  Will be doing same with all old 8mm videos and VCR tapes.  Goal is still 100 items.

06/01/2014 Still trying to give away and I am able to more or less maintain not accumulating much while freely giving away.  I love being released from having to serve 'things'.  I'd rather give away than possess.

03/15/2014 Struggle not to accumulate more and more.  Working on organizing all electronic files and going to cloud storage (I like Google Drive and Picasa) to minimize all the CDs and DVDs we have laying around.  Cloud storage prevents things like the portable backup drive from breaking and in turn us loosing photos, etc.  At first I was a wee bit skeptical about cloud storage backup but now I am convinced it has great potential and is the wave of the future for simplification efforts.

01/31/2014  So glad to have the garage cleaned and Ruairi and Dylan's 'man-cave' bedroom set up out there -  this effort was immense and wore me out physically and mentally but now I am so much closer to being free of 'things'' and 'stuff'.  I am excited about being able to focus on relationships, writing, creating urban green, healing what most say is impossible to heal in my body, raising the two teens during their final short period of time with us until they are out on their own successfully and putting my bucket list to ink and fulfilling!  Carpe diem!

01/01/2014 Finished cleaning out the garage - a HUGE accomplishment!  The garage was the last real holdout on simplification.  I had all kinds of 'stuff' accumulated, things I just KNEW I'd use sooner or later like old shower heads I was going to rebuild one day or bolts and screws and nuts and so forth and so on.  Gave much of it away to the neighbors who themselves promptly took the 'stuff' and put everything into their garage or sheds (lol).  I am thinking I divested myself of another 100,000 items from small to large.

10/30/2013 Looks like I am going to have to up the 100 to 150 items.  More soon on this.

I want my life to be simple. And for the most part it is. Compared to 2011 and before, my life right now is so much simpler.

Simplification of one's life leads to peace, lowers hypertension
One of my most materially gifted friends used to tell me the secret to their 'success' was owning few items and instead renting or leasing business and recreational items. If they wanted to sail then they'd share or lease a sailboat. They'd do the same with vacation homes, cars, jet skies, tools and other items. They spent so much less time storing, cleaning, maintaining 'thing' than I did with everything I'd accumulated, not to mention all the space 'things' take up in the garage or storage shed(s).

When the time comes for me to pass on, I really do not want to leave a big mess of 'things' for my kids to sort through, cry and laugh over and then feel like they must keep, possibly give away or sell.

To me fewer 'things' to take care of translates into:

  • more time for fun things
  • less stress when something breaks
  • more available space in your dwelling - previously taken up for storage
  • less clutter
  • easier flowing energy
The new project here is called 'Project 100'. My goal is to sort through everything I personally and individually own and reduce those 'things' to less than 100 items. I am expecting two levels of Project 100 success. The first is a list of 100 items will includes accessories - like a tool box full of tools is one item. I will call this list the 'General 100 List'. The second list, and one I am not sure if I will be able to achieve is actual 100 items. I'd call the second list the 'Specific 100 List'.
I am not counting items shared by the family - like the television or the IMac which I really do not use as much as the others anyway and could get along without. Bank accounts/financial are not included either.  I do not own a car (my wife does, but I prefer to bike as much as I can - and the State of Florida is in the process of taking my driver's license anyway).

I have so much 'junk' and 'things' and 'stuff' in the garage I need to sort through and distribute....too much chronic fatigue to start today (at least that is my excuse:)) (10/18/2013)

Here is a proposed breakdown of my 100 items, subject to change as I embark on this simplification journey:

General 100 List - up to 93 items as of last update date

  • (1) house
  • (1) pair Levi jeans
  • (6) pair underwear
  • (1) pair dress pants
  • (1) sport coat
  • (12) short sleeve, button up shirts
  • (12) pull over dress-workout shirts
  • (1) cut off swim shorts
  • (2) pair ankle supports
  • (1) stretchy cap
  • (1) baseball cap
  • (1) full sun hat
  • (2) pullover hoodies
  • (1) leather jacket
  • (1) down filled jacket
  • (2) pair hiking sandals
  • (1) pair tennis shoes
  • (1) pair dress shoes
  • (4) pair socks
  • (1) belt
Medical -Hygiene

  • (1) medical ID necklace and hearts/shell
  • (2) long towels
  • (2) toothbrushes
  • (1) back scrubber
  • (2) blood pressure cuffs
  • (1) medicine bag with meds
  • (1) 2 lb set weights for PT
  • (1) set iron spheres - PT for hand and fingers
  • (1) cane 
  • (1) set forearm crutches
  • (3) pillows

  • (1) Ipad & case
  • (1) set headphone/speaker
  • (1) Camera set
  • (1) drawing pad and pencils/pastel crayons
  • (1) carved gourd gift from Judy
  • (1) pair swim goggles
  • (1) wallet
  • (1) small keepsake sack and stuff inside
  • (1) Hammock tent for hiking 

  • (1) green ceramic mug
  • (1) small black ceramic bowl
  • (1) set chopsticks

  • (1) toolbox with wrenches and tools
  • (1) saws all
  • (1) 18v drill
  • (1) infrared thermometer 
  • (1)  Dremel tool set 
  • (1) electric drill kit
  • (1) extension cord

  • (1) Trek hybrid bike
  • (1) Kayak
  • (3) backpacks
  • ....stay tuned - doing inventory

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